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[Name]: Sinbad
[Canon]: Magi: Adventures of Sinbad, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
[Age]: 14
[Gender]: Male
[Canon Point]: Adventures of Sinbad, Chapter 27

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From the beginning, Sinbad demonstrates a strong connection and devotion to who he considers family. He worked tirelessly to support his sick mother until her death, despite his desire to leave the village in which he was born. Despite his easy-going attitude, he is very responsible when it comes to familial matters, and his determination is never stronger. It is this resolve that helps him fight against being conscripted - although he goes in the end for personal gain. His mother's death leaves a strong feeling of guilt in his heart, but also a feeling of freedom because she wanted him to follow his dreams and explore the world.

Sinbad is a passionate, extremely driven person. He demonstrates this with a strong held belief that the current government systems are not working. He has a strong, burning desire to build his own country, one that can change the world. He firmly believes that this is his fate in life, and he will do anything to accomplish this, now that his mind is set to it. His defiance is open and vicious towards the military of Parthevia. He refuses conscription and later refuses to return his djinn equipment to them, consequences be damned.

Because of this drive, Sinbad is deceitful, cunning and sneaky. He uses a quick, analytic mind to find a solution that best suits him. His biggest example of this demonstration is when he tricked everyone into letting him catch Valefor. This same incident highlights his charisma and powers of persuasion, how he uses his words to convince everyone to join in on the plan that shames them all. No one wants this more than he does. He exhibits the true spirit of a King candidate, his goals far exceeding those of his peers.

Sinbad is charismatic, his skills far beyond most people. He often talks in long pretty speeches that somehow turns the hearts of anyone who opposes him. It is his charisma that allows him to stop the assassins from attempting to kill him a third time. With everything, he also demonstrates a strong sense of compassion, something that he got from his father and he carries over into his own adulthood. He offers shelter to Yunan, and saves a cart of women from bandits, even if they can't pay him properly.

His actions often seem reckless, but he is very calculating. His recklessness goes hand in hand with his bravery and strong belief that he is simply not ready to die. Thanks to Sinbad's innate sense of danger, it allows him to throw himself into every endeavor completely.

[Abilities / Strengths & Weaknesses]:

Sinbad has a strange sixth sense, since the day he was born to be able to sense where danger is coming from and the path to safety. In application terms, during a fight his opponents often think he's reading the movements of his enemy, but that's not entirely true. He has also used this to navigate on the seas through storms. Things always seem to turn out for the best for him. Another innate special skill he has is that his magoi level is one of the highest, especially since he's not a Magi.

He's trained in sword fighting, through trial and error. He has enough skill to stand up to a military officer and win. His fighting style is very adaptable to the situation at hand. He can fight rough and be tricky, or he can be smooth and sneaky.

As a King Candidate, Sinbad has two pieces of Djinn equipment, and access to two Djinn:

Baal - This Djinn resides in Sinbad's sword. With Baal, Sinbad can summon him in times of need. He utilizes the fourth type of magic, lightning, allowing for Sinbad to use lightning attacks with his magoi. He can also use a partial Djinn equip, the arm holding the sword taking on scales like a dragon. Bararaq Saiqa is the move he uses, collecting lighting into his sword and letting it out in a single blast. These things can only be used as long as Sinbad has magoi.

Valefor - This Djinn is brand new to Sinbad's arsenal. Valefor resides in Sinbad's necklace. He is an ice Djinn, utilizing water magic. He can be summoned in times of need. Currently, his equip skills are unknown.

In terms of weaknesses, his belief that he won't die does lead him to do reckless things like grabbing a sword with his bare hands. He is an incorrigible flirt with women and he runs his mouth a lot, teasing people who probably can't take teasing. This puts his life in danger. Also, knowing where danger is doesn't necessarily mean he will avoid it, he prefers to conquer it, to prove he can. Mostly his weaknesses lie in his ego.

[Limited Powers]:

Naturally, should Davy Jones wish Sinbad dead, there would be no way for him to avoid it, sixth sense or not.


♦ Thread:
Ja'far Test Drive
Dougen Test Drive

♦ Post:

I am looking for crewmates with a sense of adventure. I plan on sailing on every inch of this sea, seeing every single island, eating every strange food I find and talking to as many people as I can. I will protect every single comrade I have, and we are going to have a great time doing it. Fun will be mandatory.

I do need to go home because I intend on being King, but exploring here and exploring there are equally important. The more people I can meet, the better I will be King!

Don't worry, I might be young but I've been one with the sea my entire life, and I've been sailing on her for a little while now. This sea is just as magnificent as the one at home. I am a skilled navigator, but if I'm going to get a big ship I need a big crew. A big crew that likes to have a good time and wants to explore everything!

If this sounds like fun, you should talk to me right away. My name is Sinbad, let's travel the world together!


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